3 Things You Might Not Know About Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

3 Things You Might Not Know About Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

If you own a home, you probably already know that home insurance in Delaware County, PA, protects you against hazards like natural disasters and break-ins. But you may not be familiar with some of the more obscure details of your home insurance policy. Read on to learn three interesting tidbits you might not have known about your policy.

  • Your policy might not cover everything. Property insurance in Bucks County, PA, covers a ton of different hazards, ranging from fires to acts of vandalism. However, there are some hazards that most insurance policies exclude. Flooding, damage that you cause intentionally, and damage from an act of war are excluded under almost every homeowner’s insurance policy. Make sure you read through your policy’s list of exclusions so you know exactly what’s covered — and what isn’t.
  • Your pet can make your policy more expensive. Your four-legged friend is a beloved member of your family. Unfortunately, some insurance companies charge more if you have a certain breed of dog that’s statistically more likely to bite someone. Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Akitas, and other breeds of dogs might cause you to pay more for your insurance. Check with your policy and ask about ways you can lower your premium. Some insurance providers offer discounts if your dog completes obedience school or if you get a letter certifying the dog’s temperament with his or her veterinarian.
  • Your insurance provider can’t cancel your policy—except for a good reason. If your policy is “non-cancellable,” it means that your insurance provider can’t cancel your policy except for a good reason. Some of the reasons you might have your policy cancelled include lying on your application, committing fraud, or not paying your premiums.

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