Save Money With These Popular Car Insurance Discounts

Save Money With These Popular Car Insurance Discounts

If you’re like most drivers on the road, after paying rent or a mortgage, a cell phone bill, and a car payment, the next item of significant expense every month is your car insurance. Practically every state requires drivers to carry car insurance, but that doesn’t mean your wallet has to suffer from it. Here are a few discounts that the Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency, a leading auto insurance provider in Warminster, PA, knows that well-known car insurances offer which could help drivers save some money every month.

Consider Enrolling in Driving Courses

For young drivers, taking a drivers education course in school or enrolling in a driving school course locally has been shown to lower the number of accidents for new drivers. If there is a teen driver listed on the car insurance policy who has recently completed a driver’s class, the cost of coverage for the teen can be reduced.

Practice Good Driving Habits

Most insurance companies will reward drivers that practice good behavior behind the wheel. If you have a standard insurance policy and believe you have a good driving record, you may qualify for another plan that offers the best rates available.

Safe Car Features = Super Savings

Car insurance companies offer a discount for a vehicle with anti-theft devices, enhanced airbags, or anti-lock brakes. Discounts are available because such features reduce the likelihood of a payout from the company in the event of theft or an accident.

Appreciation for Military or Organization Affiliation

Those serving in the military may qualify for better car insurance rates. Members of clubs, such as AARP, and employees of specific companies may be eligible for an affiliation discount on their car insurance policy.

Being Loyal Has Benefits

Some companies will reward longtime customers with special discounts, and especially to those who have more than one type of policy (ex. home, renters, etc.).

Study Hard & Be Rewarded!

Drivers who are currently enrolled in school (either high school or college) and have above a “B” average may qualify for a good student discount.  

Drivers don’t need to wait until their auto insurance policy is up for renewal to ask about discounts. Drivers can call the agents at the Bachmann-Zeitlin Insurance Agency to discover if they qualify to get better rates or discounts on their auto insurance policy in Bucks County, PA.

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